Located in historic downtown Charleston, A Way 2 Insights offers a unique array of gifts, books, and natural products found nowhere else in this beautiful town.
But we’re more than just a specialty giftshop, A Way 2 Insights is also home to a community of dedicated spiritual practitioners who host workshops and offer private sessions throughout the month.
Our goal is to provide every soul who walks through the door an experience of inspiration, awakening, and healing.  Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, there is something for you here at  A Way 2 Insights.

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2 thoughts on “Hold Love in your Heart and Hope in your Soul

  1. Last night, I went to Ben’s Autumn Journey Circle for Protection. There really is no way to fully describe this experience, but I can say that I feel as though Ben does an amazing job taking his love for shamanism and making it entirely universal to the point where anyone could take what they learned and go home and journey alone. I have been to several of Ben’s journeys and every single time I leave with a huge message from Spirit to take home to work with. During the circle, Ben holds the space and the energy very well and he also guides and helps interpret journeys with solid insight that fits in with my life. It is obvious that this is his calling. If you haven’t been to a Journey yet, it’s worth it. For those with an active imagination, it’s really one of the best ways to meditate because you’re not shutting off your mind, you’re using it! Thanks so much, Ben! 5/5 stars!


  2. I have been very fortunate to have found Away 2 insights since starting my meditation practice. I have met some wonderful people who have welcomed me into their circles. Hope and Ben are very gifted in helping those who are on their a spiritual journey. I have enjoyed Ben’s classes on Shamanic Journeying and his passion for this practice is evident during his workshops. Thank you both very much for your guidance and support.
    I highly recommend the workshops and services offered here at Away 2 insights for anyone on a spiritual path to a higher awakening and purpose.



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